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Our story

From starting Rentals SA 2 years ago the time has arrived for Sales SA to shine. 

I will be adding random items that I find along my searches for rental items. Some items might be stocked on a regular basis and some might only be a once off. I love creating little props so these will also be stocked from time to time when I have some spare time and inspiration.  

When items are stocked they will have a little tag to let you know if it’s new, handmade or pre-owned (Rental stock) Please remember to read through the description area for all the specific’s. 

All Jewellery on this website will be sold as Imitated Jewellery, majority has their S925 stamps but I have not tested them personally.

Rental stock on this website will only be shipped if there is no rental bookings, to see if the item has been booked please visit www.rentals-sa.co.za. We will also inform you should there be an upcoming rental and notify on the estimate shipping date.

All website images will be of actual items, no stock images will be used unless items are in transit where it will be replaced with an actual image before stocking.

Remember to give your purchased products a review please 

Happy Shopping 
xx Nerine